We give all our partners and clients alike continuous support and loyalty and we offer them access to our respected Luxury Community Network. Our goal is to be successful together with our partners and to constantly improve further. To have good contacts within the tourism industry is essential for our work but in our opinion it is not sufficient. For this reason our Luxury Community Network includes multifaceted contacts from various prestigious Lifestyle Companies.

XO Private

Thanks to its unique marketing concept with direct access to a very wealthy clientele, XO Private has become a partner for countless luxury hotels and first-class international service companies since its foundation in 2002.

Through a wide range of channels, XO Private offers its partners not only innovative but also a cost-effective way to connect with the elite of the travel world: Private Collection in coffee table book format, partnerships with some of the world's best companies, prominent presence at lifestyle events and luxury shows, interactive XO website, refreshing XO Private Insider News Blog and more. 

Lufthansa City Center

Lufthansa City Center travel agencies (LCC) – This means 600 travel agencies in over 80 countries. With over 300 offices in Germany, LCC can be found in many German cities. Since 1991 LCC engages in the most wonderful thing there is: Travelling. Astrid Oberhummer was and is referee for the annual LCC Pure Luxury strategy trainings and encourages the participants to sell luxury with new strategies and techniques.


Since 1967 - 10,000 agencies (incl. 500 airtours Business Club Agencies) | Preferred partner | Reception for airtours fam trips | Announcement of hotel PEP rates in the airtours Business Club newsletter | Close partnership & presence | Very close relationship with airtours product managers through key account


Since 1990 - strong network of independent travel agencies - over 1 billion EUR turnover with 600 member travel agencies | Incentivating of BEST agencies | BEST exklusive fam trips with top BEST agencies | Focus on bookings from these agencies | Participation in BEST events (min. twice a year) | Marketing activities


Ten travel agency owners - 225 million EUR turnover - 320 employees | Official cooperation partner | Best contact with all founding members of BRA.IN | Exclusive events for BRA.IN agencies | Exclusive BRA.IN fam trips